Web analytics-using omniture in a js file and page tags

i need to put page tags on my site to point to a js file. I'm unsure of where and what I do to code these page tags, can someone give me an example of how to do this? I need to  put the domain path , pagename and server in the page tag.

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Sounds to me that you should put a code snippet or a js reference on your pages (there's no such thing as a page tag, afaik). Can you point us to the reference where you got this information and a reference to your website? Then we can help you out with how and where to put it exactly.
CharlieDevAuthor Commented:
I dont really have any info, i think i need to put something like the following code in my page head, does it look like it could be right?

<head runat="server">
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://company.co.uk/js/etf_s_code.js">

My request is as follows: In the page tags please populate the domain and path to the central js file. PageName & Server must also be identified and plugged in the tag.
> http://www.python.org/doc/2.5.2/lib/encodings-overview.html

It looks like it could be right, syntactically it is correct. Depending on the rest of the page (assuming that was already a correct page), this is a correct way putting an external javascript in.

Not sure if the browser will like it if the script source is from another domain. You also said something of having to transfer some data to that script.... It might be that that script is capable of getting that data automatically? Or it might need to be added at the end of the script-call (question-mark after ".js" and then the data, like: .....js?name=value&othername=othervalue")
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Sorry about that added link. That was from another post and I have no idea why the Rich Text formatter puts that in.... I had that before...
CharlieDevAuthor Commented:
thanks for trying to help me!! I have sorted it now. i realise that I gave virtually no info for you to be able to help me, but i didnt know what else to do!!
Well, I tried regardless... ;)
Glad it works now!
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