Exchange 2003 Event ID 1025 related to crashing Symantec Mail Security for MS Exchange process

We have an Exchange 2003 server that yesterday quit processing email.  I was able to get on it and in the event viewer there were hundreds of Event ID 1025 errors stating:

An error occurred on database "SGNAME\DATABASENAME".
Function name or description of problem: SLINK::EcTestMessage
Error: 0x3f0

Mixed in with these was Event ID 1000 stating that the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange process was crashing and restarting.  I disabled the SMSME service and rebooted the server and all is now well.  Obvoiusly that is not a good long term solution as we now don't have mail level anti-virus running on the server.  During the time that these errors were going on, emails that eventually got through were blank emails with a winmail.dat attachment.  

Does anyone have any insight into this?  I'm sure I'll end up calling Symantec but I hate doing that as I have little faith in their tech support from past experience.

Thanks all.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have little faith in Symantec products full stop.
My primary suggestion would be to remove the product and restart the server. Ideally then replace Symantec with something that actually works without using more memory than anything else.
If you don't want to do that then reinstalling the Symantec application will often resolve issues like this.

Even if u disable symantec their sinks are still present on smtp.
run transwiz from here
disable the smsme sinks of symantec
Now the winmail.dat issue is diff as it is related to mime conversion
NetworkRangersAuthor Commented:
I'm assuming the winmail.dat files are a result of the Symantec Mail Security not fully processing the emails during the scanning.  I'm not for sure how that all works, but I know from the timing of all this that they are directly related.
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