BTRIEVE v4.11b Datatypes vs QuickBasic vs BVIEW

I am using BVIEW to create a DESC file for a BTR file created with BTRIEVE record manager 4.11b.  Here is my question.  In QuickBasic one of the Datatypes is SINGLE.  When I am in BVIEW setting up the fields and field types I don't have a SINGLE datatype as a option.  The following are the options in BVIEW: BYTE, Date (BTRIEVE), Integer, L-String (Pascal), Long Integer, Real, String (BTRIEVE), Word, Z-String (C)

If you are setting a Datatype as SINGLE in QuickBasic, How would BTRIEVE store this data?
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My guess would be "Real".  I believe the Single data type is an IEEE floating point number that is 4 bytes in size.  The Btrieve Real maps to a Btrieve Float which is also an IEEE floating point number
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