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I have made a  ASP.NET project on share back office

i want to start with the documentation phase now

This is my first time i am doing  any software documentation

Please tell which is the best way to document a  website :

What should i use :
1) UmL   OR  2)  DFD  or 3) FLOWCHARTS  or anything else

which is the best out of the three for me
and what are the differences in between them
first what is the difference between UML diagrams and FLOWCHARTS

If I should use UML then which activiy, statechart , USE CASE , SEQUENCE or DEPLOYMENT or  COLLOBRATION diagrams or CLASS Diagrams
 should i incorporate  in my documentation


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There is no one particular UML diagram that you should use. I can't realy go into every document type and describe them in detail as there is plenty of material on the web already and many books written on the various diagrams.

A website in itself may not require much documentation depending on what it does and how it is built. Are you using DLL's and an n-tier application or is it simply standalone? As usual it completely depends on the project...

All I will say is that UML diagrams allow you to document/show many different views of your system and each diagram is used at a specific step within the development process. Bear in mind that each of the diagrams should be developed in conjunction with the overall documentation of the system. No one diagram will describe everything so there should be a requirements specification which states what the system should do but not how the system will do it...

Requirements Gathering - Use Case / Activity
Activity is similar to Flowchart.

Once you have your requirements then you need to design the system.

Design - Class diagrams / Interaction Diagrams (Sequence Diagram)

Then you can look at Deployment Diagrams which show the physical system.

Although UML is used to document systems it can be used to document anything really. UML is not the be all and end all they are simply tools to help you make it easier to show what you intend to do to different people within the team.

I could go on but you will have to look on the web yourself. Here are some links that might help.



Hope this helps, cheers,

viju2008Author Commented:
does the project needs to have a OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN methodology for using UML's

i have not made any of my own classess

no dlls included other than one for the calendar control

its a web application running on a  IBM Server  .

which is connected to a SQL SERVER 2005 database on a different sever

viju2008Author Commented:
it is a web-site which will be launched for the back office but will be hosted on a public web space means anybody who knows the URL can get to it
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Hi again,

"Does the project needs to have a OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN methodology for using UML's"

No, UML can be used to model anything. It has been developed so that it can be extended to create any type of model. UML does suit Object Oriented Design but it can be used to model any idea, I think they call it "open-ended" so that you can use it for basically anything.

I think that you need to see what it is exactly you want to describe? What do you want to show using the diagrams? and Why do you want to document it? e.g: Do you want to show the overall physical architecture of the system?


viju2008Author Commented:
i want to show how the process occurs in the system
what are the inputs and what are the activities that are done to convert the input to output

there are a bit of iterations in the process

i want to describe the user activities that are done in the system

and how are they linked to each
what process does every ASPX do and how is related to other pages and so on

I would use activity diagrams to show the points made above.

You can show inputs, outputs, iterations, user interaction etc...

You could have an activity diagram for every ASPX page...



viju2008Author Commented:
thank you how to model a very complex process in UML

actually one of my pages takes in data does a lot of manipulations , a transaction occurs
and lots of data is stored in 5-6 tables

can all these done in UML
or should i use a DFD
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