How to change hardcoded database paths

We are in the process of switching file servers.  The directory structure is the same and all of our users have correctly mapped drives.
The problem is that one of our Approach files has hardcoded UNC paths and I cannot figure out how to change the path.

These are additional database files assigned to the .apr.  When I click on the file menu and select "Approach File Properties", under the "Databases" heading, I see the paths that need to be changed.

So right now, Ive got about 6 databases with a path of \\mail\path\database.dbf
\\mail is the server we are taking down, so the path should be T:\database.dbf

Any idea how to change the path?  I have been looking all over and have no clue how to make this change.

I cannot wait until we can finally get rid of Approach.
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skowingAuthor Commented:
Apparently you have to actually move the apr file into the directory the extra databases are in, launch Approach and let it re-sync the paths, save, and then you can move the apr file back to where it was.
Jim P.Commented:
Never having used Approach -- The UNC is actually written in the application? Or is there an INI, or registry setting, or in some database table somewhere?

Just asking...

If you can't change it, then what you can always do is use DNS to assign the new server the \\mail name and then re-create the share on the new server.
Jim P.Commented:
Sounds good.
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