Data Matrix ECC200

When generating 1D barcodes it is just the question of display the string and applying a different font type.

If I want to do the same for 2D barcode (data matrix) is this the same? I see that there are different font types available for data matrix. So then where does the encoder come in here?

Does the encoder generate an image? and not font?

Could anyone explain the difference to me, or point me to a website?

Also, does anyone know a not too costly software libraries (java) that I could use to generate Data Matrix ECC200 barcodes (I will need to save the images to the file system also).

Or can I simply obtain the font and write my own functions?

Many thanks.
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zeraxis_eeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Great open source one Barcode4J
Morne LateganCommented:
There is a c library libmtx that you might be able to link to from java.
zeraxis_eeAuthor Commented:
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