Windows Vista group policy in a server 2003 environment

I'm a little confused on group policy in a mixed environment (going from Windows 2000 to Vista).  All our servers are Server 2003.  I know that I have to create a central store for the Vista machines to apply the group policies but here are my questions...

- So I create a group policy via gpedit.msc on the Vista machine.  Then I copy the group policy file (.admx and .adml) to the Central Store.  So at this point, all Vista machines pull group policy down from the Central Store.  Correct me if I am wrong...

- My question is does the Group Policy Management Console see that there are group polcies for the Vista machines located in the Central Store?  Will it see the Central Store and pick up the group policy file and show up on the GPMC?

- Also, if changes need to be made group policy, is it made via the gpedit.msc client or from gpmc.msc and then once the changes are saved, do they have to be copied into the Central Store?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nonono :)
It's not that complicated at all. Just install RSAT on a vista machine and use the group policy management console on that machine. No further effort needed to manage policies in a mixed environment - no central store.
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