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We need to change a folder name on our network (don't ask why, it upsets me), but Autocad LT references the location in a section called support paths.
Rather than going around each computer in 2 offices to repath all the copies of autocad i can use a regedit, however this tweak is in the Userprofile and needs to be run for each user after the software has been run for the first time to install the software.

Is there a way that the same regedit file can be run on all the machines, adding in the new paths and leaving out the user specific ones or add in the userprofile that is logged on at the time.

For example, the following regedit if i were to run it would enter the paths to the network but also tell AutoCAD to look in the user profile for JBloggs, however i am GJones and so cad would start having problems.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD LT\R14\ACADLT-7001:409\Profiles\<<Unnamed Profile>>\General]
"Support"="F:\\Vault\\Acad\\05_SCRIPT;C:\\Documents and Settings\\JBloggs\\Application Data\\Autodesk\\AutoCAD LT 2009\\R14\\enu\\support;C:\\Program Files\\AutoCAD LT 2009\\support;C:\\Program Files\\AutoCAD LT 2009\\fonts;C:\\Program Files\\AutoCAD LT 2009\\help;C:\\Program Files\\AutoCAD LT 2009\\support\\color;F:\\Vault\\Acad\\12_CAD-Utils;F:\\Vault\\Acad\\10_CUSTOM-HATCHES;"

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%USERPROFILE% = C:\Documents and Settings\<current user>\application data\autodesk\...

Use %USERPROFILE% in place of the C:\Docs & Settings\<user> portion of those strings.
GegHAuthor Commented:
This seems to add a user called %USERPROFILE% into the filepath rather than the current users name.
See the the attached screen capture of the options dialog. Because you are using LT, you won't see the "Working Support File Search Path" but what it does is show you what's resolved with the specified "Support File Search Path" settings. So if a path specified in the "Support file search path" was missing, it wouldn't be listed in the "Working Support File Searh Path" section. Likewise, the "%USERPROFILE% environment variable is specified, but resolves for whichever user is logged in which is why "%USERPROFILE% in the screen capture resolves to "DYOUNG". If someone else was logged in, it would resolve to their name and not mine.

The Support paths are one of the very few locations these environment variables work.

You can easily test this. Just place a DWG in the specified user folder and use the insert command from the command line and try inserting the DWG without specifiying a path. It should fine it.

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GegHAuthor Commented:
This works for the support file search path thankyou, but other paths such as customisation files and DGN map themselves to the user folder, whereas other files such as external ref temp folder follow the support file searchg path.
I seem to have got around this problem by creating a generic folder which is placed on the machine (Called CADGen) and copied all the files from Local settings and application data. the regedit then essentially replaces all user defined mappings with the location C:\CADGen appart from the one support file search path which is %USERPROFILE%. This way anyone logging on to the machine runs the software once, closes down, runs the regedit file which remaps cad then restarts cad and like magic it runs like every other machine in the office.
Thanks for your help, the userprofile bit allows me to edit the setup, tweak a single regedit file and send it out.
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