CISCO and HP Switches

hi every body

does anybody know how to configure the cisco switches to foword the vlans from the cisco switch to HP.


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MysidiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the Cisco side, you want to act as if you are going to connect a Cisco switch to the port, except you need to be sure to use 802.1q, not ISL

for example

interface fastethernet0/0
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1Q
switchport nonegotiate
switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk allowed vlans (LIST of VLANs to allow on the trunk)

The default is to allow all VLANs;  you can list specific ones, and others are disallowed,  you may need to include the native VLAN as allowed (1 by default).

You want to change VTP mode to transaprent,  unless  you actually have other connected Cisco switches that you use VTP with;  the VTP management features will in any case not work correctly with a HP switch.

If you normally utilize VTP pruning, make sure to apply to the switchport:
switchport trunk pruning vlan none

On the HP side, you want to use the UI to place the port in tagging mode and include the desired VLANs

On most HP switches, this is a web-based or menu based activity.
You want to setup a port on both sides.  The VLANs you want to forward should be known by both switches in their vlan database.
on Cisco side trunk,  on HP side, make it an interconnect/tagging port

Hard set it on the Cisco side, disable DTP negotiation.

802.1q is standards based, at that point it should just work, depending on specific versions and models of switches.
If not, there may be a few other things to do..
greekstonesAuthor Commented:
thanks fr the reply

can u please give me some samples cnfigurations.

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