Blackberry User Admin Client

Hi all,

I tried to get a policy extract out of our BES, Version

I have a working User Admin Client (other queries do work fine), but the one I googled on several sites just won't. It's:

besuseradminclient -p {our_password} -it_policy Default -it_policy_rules

which will leave an error message  "SYNTAX - Invalid argument: -it_policy_rules"

Is it possible, that this argument effectively not available (although it is easy to find on several websites and bulletin boards and nobody seem to have problems with it).

Help greatly appreciated.
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sysreq2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

1.At the command prompt, switch to the folder in which BESUserAdminClient.exe resides.
2.Type besuseradminclient -list -it_policy_rules and the following parameters:
"-p <client_password>
"-u <user_name>
"-PIN <PIN> (use in conjunction with the -u parameter for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications only)
"-b <BlackBerry_Enterprise_Server_service_name>
"-sqluser <database_username> (if you use database authentication)
"-sqlpass <database_username> (if you use database authentication)
"-n <network_address of the BlackBerry User Administration service> (if the BlackBerry User Administration service and the BlackBerry User Administration client do not run on the same computer)
"-it_policy <policy_name>
OliGAuthor Commented:
Thank you, i will try that out as soon as I'm back in the office. (o.o.o next week)
OliGAuthor Commented:
Back again,

I tried that out - without success. The same syntax error as before.

My Syntax is (based on the Example from the above linked Guide):
>>besuseradminclient -p ourpassword -list -it_policy_rules
where output is like
>>BESUserAdmin::SYNTAX - Invalid argument: -it_policy_rules

It really seems to a problem with that parameter -it_policy_rules, even if it's used exactly as described.

This command works well, f.e.:
>>besuseradminclient -p asdfasdf -list -it_policies
where output is like
>>BESUserAdmin::DoDisplayITPolicies - Listing IT Policies...

Means, that Service actually works well and password is ok.
What could be wrong on that syntax??

Thanks in advance

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OliGAuthor Commented:
please ignore tha password-discrepancy, i just placed there any letters. Password IS okay.
Something about it_policy_rules doesn't sound right to me. Have you tried just using it_policy and dropping the _rules?

If I get a chance I'll try it on our server.
OliGAuthor Commented:
Yes I did try using it_policy instead of it_policy_rules but that did not change anything.

Would be great if you had the opportunity to try it on your machine.
Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
OliGAuthor Commented:
ok - it was my fault. although i have upgraded the BES to SP6, the ressource-kit still was on version 4.1 without Sp4 or higher.
thanks, will split the points.
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