ScriptLogic Desktop Authority vs Group Policy

Preparing to upgrade about 250 systems to Vista Business. Domain controllers have been upgraded from Windows 2000 Server to 2008 Server.

In the past, given the fact that I often dealt with mixed-use operating systems (2000, XP, Vista) on the client machines, I had used Script Logic Desktop Authority to manage the machines, restrict certain settings, add registry keys, deploy and launch applications, etc (all the stuff that DA does).

My question is, now with all the servers native on 2008 Server and all the workstations going to Vista Business, is Desktop Authority really necessary anymore, or does the increased flexibility of GPO's , Vista and Server 2008 make it unnecessary?

Dont get me wrong, DA is a wonderful product and has served me well over the years, I am just wondering if I could save a little expense and get the job done with 2008 and Vista.
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There is a lot more to Group Policy now with 2008 and Vista, not to mention Powershell.  Microsoft has a concise reference spreadsheet with the new GP settings for 2008 and Vista.  Take a look at it and see if it satisfies some of your concerns:
I don't know DA, so I guess you have to be both a DA expert and also a power user of AD to answer it properly.
With the 2008 server generation Microsoft introduced group policy preferences aside group policies. The GPPs are very useful and you can quickly discover what they have to offer for your needs. Read
Note to others: you don't need a 2008 DC to use GPPs, those were just introduced together with 2008.
ThePhreakshowAuthor Commented:
Points split. Thank you both for the information.... I apparently have some re-learning to do before I move away from the Desktop Authority back to GP. Cheers.
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