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my printer is printing everything at one quarter size: HP 6310 OfficeJet all-in-one printer

Recently I have had a new issue: everything is printing at one quarter of the page's size, despite the fact that I am (supposedly) printing everything on a 1-1 ratio.

If I do choose, via "preferences", to have for instance printing at a 1:4 ratio, i.e. four pages of output per page printed, then it goes and prints everything at a 1:16, in any event I can not catch up: as a result it is still printing everything four times smaller than requested; this could go on ad infinitum.

Have you ever heard of this? What's going on?

For instance if I'm in WordPad I can see the preview of the page I'm going to print and everything is normal size. I send it to the printer and print everything out physically onto paper, but everything is one quarter of the size it should be. His printing in the upper left-hand corner as if it were going to print four pages of predetermined output per physical piece of paper. This is clearly an option if one chooses to print four pages per page, but on the preferences for this printer clearly I have previously chosen and re-chosen 1:1 ratio: one page of output per physical page of paper.

1 Solution
AnamorphosisAuthor Commented:
I figured this out myself eventually through Hewlett-Packard. Even though the preferences menu of the Hewlett-Packard listed the size as "100%", I just had to re-click on it and then apply and then leave and then everything started printing out the correct size again. I don't know what the glitch was that there you have it.

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