MicroStrategy error when adding yearOfDate to page-by: type mismatch


I'm trying to include date and time in my MicroStrategy reports by using the integrated date and time functions (year, month). When including the date/time metrics in my report everything works fine in case I do it as a row (month, year). In case I try to set year/month as page-by functionality in my report I get the error "type mismatch". It happens in MicroStrategy Desktop as well as on the web report view.
Did anyone else had the same problem or any idea why this might happen?

(DataWarehouse: Oracle)

Thanks very much in advance!
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neatworkAuthor Commented:

I solved the problem by setting the YearOfXY attribute not to text or datetime format but to numeric. If done so it works fine. Even if MicroStrategy in complaining about a type mismatch when changing the attribute type to numeric - it works fine.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
unsure but i have never been able to do it year first..... so i think its a no go
these days Microstrategy 9 went live.

Maybe give it a try under the new version...
That Microstrategy check is no problem, as long as you don't get an SQL error during executing of the report it's no problem at all.
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