MySQL - Trim whitespaces & line breaks?

First, is is possible to trim line breaks from fields in my table?
Second, if I use trim, will it remove *all* the whitespace at the end of a field?  In some cases, it looks like the data has multiple spaces at the end, and I want to be certain that I won't have to run TRIM repeatedly?
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Roger BaklundCommented:
Yes, you can trim line breaks.

No, trim() will not remove all whitespace. It will only remove one type of whitespace at a time: either spaces or line breaks. It also differs between unix newline and windows crlf.

The syntax for trim() is:

TRIM([{BOTH | LEADING | TRAILING} [remstr] FROM] str), TRIM([remstr  FROM] str)

You can do any of these:

TRIM(TRAILING '\n' from column)  
TRIM(TRAILING '\r\n' from column)
TRIM(TRAILING ' ' from column)

...but you can't do them all in combination, as far as I know. You would have to run them all repeatedly, untill all whitespace is gone. It might be more efficient to use a script.
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