pdf - email options?

When viewing a PDF document and hitting the "email" button, it opens up an Outlook message with the PDF attached and the subject of "htmlpreview[1].pdf".

How can I automatically designate both a file name (instead of htmlpreview) and a recipient based off fields in the document (or some other attribute of the document)?  If the solution involves some 3rd party plugin or utility, that's fine, but I'm NOT looking for a complex pdf scheduler type application.

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Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With JavaScript, you can use the doc.mailDoc command to specify a list of recipients, CCs, BCCs, subject and a message (you can leave any of these options empty as well). YOu cannot modify the filename.
Do you want to add an email button to one specific document, or do you want to add this new mail feature to the Acrobat menu bar? You cannot modify the functionality of the original menu or toolbutton however.
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