Access 2007 record count

I have queries that count the number of records in 3 files, E1, E2, E3

I use
NumRecordsE1: Format(CStr(Count([TalxE1]![YEAR])),"0000000")
NumRecordsE2: Format(CStr(Count([TalxE2]![YEAR])),"0000000")
NumRecordsE3: Format(CStr(Count([TalxE3]![YEAR])),"0000000")

I need to put these record counts into another table called Z1 with 4 fields:
Z1, E1 count, E2 Count, E3 Count

I know I can append each query but that leaves me with 3 records. One for each. I only need one record with the counts.

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Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
INSERT INTO Z1 (Z1, [E1 count], [E2 Count], [E3 Count])
VALUES ("foo", DCount("*", "TalxE1"), DCount("*", "TalxE2"), DCount("*", "TalxE3"))

Not sure what was going into field Z1, so I put in a dummy value...
DominicConstableAuthor Commented:
perfect solution
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