Admin Masterpassword for all users in domain. How to access users' account using one password?

The owner of the company sometimes wants to see works and emails of the employees (as part of comapany policy).  In the past, i have been changing the users passwords so I can log in as the users...the following day they would need to reset their password.  So this has been an inconvience for both myself, the owner, and especially the employee.  

This is a small family business and I am taking the additional role as the sys admin/IT so I am not familiar of some admin stuff.  

So i have been trying to figure out how this is done? or is it possible?
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you can do is give them permissions to the mailbox of the user.  The mail team wrote a good blog about it here
I personally wouldn't give them permanent admin rights.  If they want to read the mail give them rights and when they are done you can take them away.
I know you are in a tough spot so they may force you to give them elevated rights.
Add the Domain administrator account  to the Local Administrators group on allt he client machines..
this will give u complete control over their machines..
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