Formatting a crosstab summary from seconds to MM:SS

I have a crosstab set up based on a formula that determines the number of seconds between two dates, and then finds the median. It works correctly using the seconds value.

Cross-Tab Summarized Fields:
Median of @DateDiffSeconds

However, I would like it to display in MM:SS format.

If I use the formula to create a CTime, Median isn't an allowed summary type.

I can't find a way to change the way it's displayed based on the calculations. (Like Group names, having a formula for calculating as well as a seperate one for displaying.)
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Right click on your summary field in the cross tab.
Select Format Field.
Click on the formula icon next to Display String on the Common Tab.

Insert the following Formula:

numbervar hours := Truncate(CurrentFieldValue/60);

numbervar seconds := remainder(CurrentFieldValue, 60);

jb25Author Commented:
Worked perfectly. I didn't realize that there was an option to change the display string under Format Field.

Thank you.
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