VB6 - edit data in a listview or grid control?

I have an Access data table I'd like to allow users to edit (a little). I have 2 text fields and 2 boolean fields (8 fields total in the table).

I'm retrieving the data first from Access, and storing it in a variant array. I'd like to just slap this array up in a datagrid or listview or something on a form for the user to edit, and when they click the "update" button, I'll store everything back in table.

As it's been a while since I've been in VB6, I'm wondering if I could get advice as to what control would be the best to use in this situation. I'm not looking for you to program the whole thing for me - just advise as to the appropriate control and methods?

thanks in advance.
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Hitesh ManglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi thomas,

     You can use the FlexGrid Control, Please refer the following links


thomasedooleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your post... There's no native VB6 control that allows editiing? I have use a textbox over a grid cell? (just looking for the easiest, lazy man's solution...)

I would recommend Flex grid, and read the data from your database table. You can map each field in each row to the flex grid. This is just a simple loop of rs.rows, and rs.fields(x), if you get my drift..So really you want to end up with a type of excel spread sheet of your table.  you can then edit each cell if you wish with a text box overlay. The user can then hit a cmd btm anf you can write our the cells to the table, the reverse of putting them in the grid.

Hope this give you food for thought.

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thomasedooleyAuthor Commented:
Is there a way I can only expose a few of the fields to the user for editing? There are 8 fields in the table, but I only want them to be able to see and edit 4 of them...?
Hi Thomas

yes that is easy. you can refer to a field by it's index position in the table or its field name. So once you have your recordset, either ADO, DAO (it does not matter), you can do the following.

? rs.fields.count - this will print the number of fields in the recordset
? rs.fields(1).name - this will print the name of field 1
? rs.fields("user_name").value - this will print the value of the field called user_name.

Also in the sql statement you can do the following:

 SELECT user_name, user_password, account_name FROM users - this will return only 3 fields in the     table users
 SELECT * FROM users - this will return all the fields in the table users

I hope this can help you, if you need more help then please ask.
Also if your are using flexgrid to hide a col from the user set the column width to zero :)
thomasedooleyAuthor Commented:
I ended up using this solution, so you get the points. I'd rather have a native vb solution to just editing the grid (wouldn't we all?), but you can't have everything. Thanks for the timely answer and reference links to the solution.
Hitesh ManglaniCommented:
Thanks for the grade thomas.
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