TS Lockdown restrictions implemented has disabled access to DLLs

I have remote desktop users set up to have limited access by modifying the TS Lockdown.  I have everything I need blocked, but it seems that I also blocked the ability for a program not to run properly even though the user has full rights to it.

The error I get upon opening the program is "Error accessing the OLE registry" then after I click OK, It opens the program, allows me to login and even select what files I want but as soon as I ask it to load anything it gives me another error "Access is denied"

So my conclusion is that the user has access to the files but something restricted in TS Lockdown is preventing me to load the DLLs that are required to work with the program.

I've been troubleshooting but nothing seems to work, anyone out there have any ideas??
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May be a simple solution......

RegMon for Windows v7.04

FileMon for Windows v7.04

Set the filter at the top to Include "yourapp.exe", to highlight "access denied", and then try and recreate the errors by launching the application..........Then go to these apps, and look for the red, and it will tell you where the permissions are shot. Open up those areas for "Users" and then test.....

Or even use the new and improved utility form Sysinternals, that contains them both....

Process Monitor v1.22

Hopefully will get lucky and see that a reg key/folder is causing the problems....
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