Browser history analysis

This might sound like an unusual request, but it relates to my line of work and nothing sinister!

I need to create a script that would allow the user to click on a button within a web page and in doing so, upload their browser history in some form to our server. All participants in this process will be fully opted-in and educated as to what they are doing and recruited for the specific purpose of analysing their recent online activity. I have no problem recruiting these people however I don't yet have the necessary script that will facilitate what I need to achieve.

The script will need to be cross-browser compatible (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) and work in the most common flavours of Windows and Mac.

All thoughts welcomed but the points will go to anyone who can provide either the script to make the above happen or a resource where I can acquire this directly.
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This is plain not possible. There is no (let alone a standardized) way to access the user history from web pages. Additionally, each browser stores this information completely different. You would need a client side program (might be a browser plugin, but I bet something like that does not exist yet), that can extract this information.
There is no way to do this without exploiting the browsers to display something they shouldn't.

That being said, where there is a will there is a way.
guswebbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt response. I'm looking for something that will run client-side and not automatically from a web page. It would only be upon the user interacting with the web page and more specifically, clicking on a button to authorise the upload of their history, that this process would be triggered - just in case that wasn't clear.

I realise each browser stores the information differently, so the script or process that will achieve this will obviously contain different functions which are called based on browser type, which I have no problem in detecting dynamically.
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guswebbAuthor Commented:
Thanks aibusinesssolutions ... I've looked at Spyjax however it only helps if you have a database of URLs to check against, allowing you to read the current page and status of visited hyperlinks. This is a partial solution (and I mean it might give me about 1% of what I need) as the browser history that we will need to analyse will probably contain domain names that are not known in advance. Spyjax tests performed against a known list of domain names would therefore not fulfil the brief.
Your best bet would be to install client side software then.  It would need to be a program that runs on the computer, that the button click would activate, which would be done by a simple file type association, or a protocol like gethistory:

The alternative to making your own software would be one of the "Internet Activity Monitors" that people have made, like this one, or to use a Proxy Server or Firewall that would collect website usage.
guswebbAuthor Commented:
I can't use a proxy or firewall. The end users will be spread all over the UK and not all in the same location so these options don't really fit.

I'll check the link out though and let you know if I locate anything that helps me out with this requirement.
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