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Processor Choice


I am looking at purchasing a laptop within the next few months and am trying to decide between a dual or a quad core CPU. I plan to run linux for my OS and will more than likely be using vmware for windows incase I should need a windows application. What I am wondering is would the virtual machine run better on a 2.8 ghz dual core or a 2.0 ghz (or 2.26 ghz, haven't decided which one yet) quad core with 1 dedicated core.

Thanks in Advance!
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What is your laptop make / model? Depending chipset and others ....
jaysonmeyerAuthor Commented:
Well thats the thing, its between 2 different laptops. I am looking at the HP HDX 18t for the quad core or potentially ASUS's new laptop the W90 for the dual core.

http://www.itechnews.net/2009/01/09/asus-w90-ultimate-multimedia-notebook/ - That is for the ASUS laptop

Wasn't able to find one for the HP but I'll keep looking and if I see it I'll post again.
jaysonmeyerAuthor Commented:
Found a hardware list for the HDX18t

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz)
Video: Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT (10DE:0649)
Chipset: Intel ICH9
Network: Realtek 8186C/8111C (10EC:8186)
Sound: Intel IDT HDA (111D:76B2, 8086:293E)
Wireless: Intel Wifi 5100
Belkin F5D8073 Wireless N Express Card
Blu-Ray Combo Drive: HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW CT10L
Built-In Bluetooth
1X 250GB HDD
Card Reader: JMB 38x Controller
HP Webcam

That was for an order someone had made from HP's site, I'd imagine they would use the same chipset between dual and quad core CPU's but I could be wrong.
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jaysonmeyerAuthor Commented:
HP's site hadn't listed the chipset, or atleast not that I saw, knowing more about the hardware though, which would you say would be faster for vmware? The 2.8 GHz dual core or the 2 ghz quad core with a dedicated core for vmware?
That I dont know, I use VMWare but never pay attention how the CPU performance with it.
jaysonmeyerAuthor Commented:
What about cegeda?
jaysonmeyerAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention, with cedega I would be dedicating 2 cores of the quad core
Cedega supports multi-core CPUs, however, 2-core CPU by x performance, where each core give x2 performance.
I would recommend you check that the CPU supports hardware virtualization.

This will make your virtual windows perform much better and even give you the option to vitalize directly on Linux using KVM.

KVM is short for Kernel-based Virtual Machine and makes use of hardware virtualization, i.e., you need a CPU that supports hardware virtualization, e.g. Intel VT or AMD-V.

check on windows.
check on linux
$egrep '(vmx|svm)' --color=always /proc/cpuinfo

i believe more cores will be better since you are going to use virtual machines.
VMWare emulates a Pentium III so you may as well forget number of cores,  the fastest processor will give you the best results in your VMWare apps ...

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