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How do I convert from a Value code to a Valuemap string in a WMI MOF in Powershell?

After some marathon googling I'm still stuck on a simple task.  I can write a WMI query to retrieve a WMI class (in this case from HP's provided WBEM classes for ProLiant servers).  In this case, I am trying to get the NIC Team type.  The object returned contains the code.  Looking into the associated MOF file, I can see that the values correspond to a ValueMap, but I can't figure out how to convert the integer I have with the string in the MOF.  I have a feeling it's right under my nose, so could someone please show me?
$server = "SERVER1"
$wmiQuery = "SELECT * from HP_EthernetTeam"	
$nicTeam = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\HPQ" -ComputerName $server -query "$wmiQuery"
Write-Host Current mode $nicTeam.TeamCurrentOperatingMode
Current mode 1011

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1 Solution
The easiest thing to do is to use a switch statement

switch -exact ($value)
   "1101"    {"String Value"}
   "1001"    {"Another Value"}
   default    {"Unknow value: $_"}

trader37Author Commented:
Well that's obviously going to allow me to reach the end goal for this script, it doesn't help on subsequent ones.  Basically, I don't want to have to go into the .mof file for every WMI/WBEM script I'm going to write to look at the values, and then hard code them into my script.

I want to be able to take values and reference them against their associated valuemap inside the .mof file to figure out what the strings should be.  This may be more a "how do I use a WBEM feature?" question than "how do I use a powershell feature?".
There is no Powershell, or any other for that matter, feature that does what you want.

I suppose you could write a mof parsing script and generate the info, but I do not imagine that is very simple.
trader37Author Commented:
Which begs the question why have valuemaps anyway? >.<

I did see one document mention that you *could* do it, but it didn't explain how.  However, it may be that the solution they were thinking of was parsing the file.

Since it's the closest I'll get, the points are yours.
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