Lenovo t400 Thinkpad - "S" drive

I just purchased a Thinkpad  t400 and restored Windows Vista Business onto the hard drive using the recovery CDs.  I now have a disk partition with a drive letter of "S" and a volume name of "SERVICEV003".  Lenovo told me I can't remove it because my system may no boot or become unstable.  Does anyone know what this is and if I can remove it?
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the bootloader partition which allows you to boot from either the C:(Vista) or Q:(The Rescue & Recovery Partition)
Not recommended to remove it as Vista may not start.

Here is some forum info that may be of interest.
If you purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad lately, you will have noticed that there are now Q and S drives for the recovery and boot partitions. Historically these were hidden. Now they're probably conflicting with your network drives. You can remove the Q drive (it's just the recovery media and you'll automatically reclaim the partitioned space on your C drive) but without lots of work , you cannot remove the S drive. (By lots of work you could use bcdedit to install the bootloader on the C: drive and then edit the MBR to make it bootable, or you can roll the dice, delete the S drive and use a Vista CD to "repair" the OS--this should work but not guaranteed).

To Remove the Q Drive:
Just use the built-in recovery media creator program to remove it and reclaim your unused space.

To "Remove" the S Drive:
Don't. Instead follow the directions in the following article: How to work with the Q and S partitions on ThinkPads - ThinkPad X200, X200 Tablet, X301, R400, R500, SL300, SL400, SL500, T400, T500, W500, W700. (http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndocid=MIGR-71742)

If you're unfamiliar with using diskpart.exe here's a step-by-step:
1.      Download and run Lenovo_Hide_Drive_S.exe available at the link above.  You can launch the program by double-clicking it.  It has no UI, but if you wait long enough (1-3 minutes) when you open My Computer, you will notice that the S drive is missing.
2.      Open an Administrative command prompt (click on the Start button, enter cmd, right-click cmd and choose Run As Administrator, answer any UAC prompt, and continue).
3.      Enter dispart.exe and press enter.
4.      Type select disk 0 and press enter (this sets the program's context to disk 0 which should be primary physical drive where the C and S drives live.  If you'd like to be certain, you can enter list disk to display which disk is the correct one).
5.      Type select partition 1 and press enter (on a factory install it should be partition 1, as above, you can enter list partition to find the right one).
6.      Type set id=7 and press enter (always do this).
7.      Type assign letter=D and press enter (set the drive letter to whatever you like).
8.      Type exit and press enter
9.      Open my computer and look and check out the results.
That's it!

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