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Office 2003 user is not able to view Hebrew text in Word and Excel.  I have Hebrew setup in the Regional and Language Options as well as the Office 2003 Language settings.  The user was able to view Hebrew documents at one time.  The user can view Hebrew text in the body of an Outlook email and can also type in Hebrew in Word, Excel and Outlook.  Also in Excel Hebrew will show up in the tabs at the bottom.  I have tried doing a detect and repair as well as removing and adding hebrew from the Office 2003 Language Settings.  Any other ideas?
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redrumkevConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Hello, how are you doing?

Try following these steps (which is to enable the language):
Also, in there, I think you can "disable it". Try disabling it and then re-enabling it.

Do you have SP3 installed:
Multi-lang SP3:
And then the  SP3 for language Interface, is availabe here:

Installing these, might fix your issue.

You can also go throught the "standard: word trouble shooting steps, such as deleting, starting in safe mode, removing add-ins, etc. Since you said it worked and now does not, I would assume something has changed, causing the problem(s). So it is most likely an add-in. The updates above won't necessarily "fix" the issue, but often change some settings back to defaults, which can over-write the issue, making it seem fixed. For Word trouble shooting, see this:
Hope this helps,
green417Author Commented:
I unchecked the Symantec Add In for Outllok and this fixed the problem.
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