ActionScript code to create a carousel menu

hello I have the following AS code, the current animation is a carousel, in the center there is a globe but I need the items to orbit this globe. I have no idea how to do it, thanks.
*	this example includes an extended asset in the library - which includes a 
	movieclip in the carouselItem asset named "imgLoader". you can load an swf or 
	a jpeg to it using the good old loadMovie method as shown below.
	This example must not be put in the main movie's onSelfEvent(load) Event because 
	It takes a few frames until the items are being generated to the stage (that's why i used
	Made By:
	// in order to prevent a flickering effect when the images is being loaded only in 
	// the 5th frame - it is good only if it is tested localy so you might want the use
	// a static preloader for the carouselItem like i used
	carousel._visible = false;
	var imagesArray:Array = new Array("iconos.png","iconos2.png","iconos3.png","iconos4.png","iconos5.png","iconos6.png","iconos7.png","iconos8.png");
	var IMAGES_DIR:String = "images/";
	for (i=0; i < imagesArray.length; i++){
		myItem = eval("carousel.cItem" + i);
		myItem.imgLoader.loadMovie(IMAGES_DIR + imagesArray[i]);
		// Overiding the button's click event of onPress
		// Alternativley - you can assign a function on the parameters panel
		myItem.onPress = function(){
			trace("you clicked " + this._name);
		//resizing the loaded images - not required...
		myItem.imgLoader._xscale = 100
		myItem.imgLoader._yscale = 100;
	carousel._visible = true;

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Eaddy BarnesConnect With a Mentor ITCommented:
going to this link and checking out the Creating 3D Carousels lesson.

ametradeAuthor Commented:
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