migrating from Exchange 6.5.7638 to Windows Small Business SErver

Is it possible to migrate MS Exchange 6.5.7638 to Windows Small Business Server?  IF so, How?
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suppsawsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello pcsquared117,

actually, the link Kaffiend provided is a good one, but a difficult one.
Unless you are VERY familiar with SBS, don't try that method, you will get yourself into trouble.

how many users is this old server 2003 with exchange 2003 server?
when it's not more then 5-10 users I would install the sbs in a new domain, and copy the files and pst's manually.


KaffiendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's possible, but why would you want to?  Most people go the other way!

You already have at least Exchange and a DC.  To go to a SBS, you would still need a new box.  So, why not just put Exchange on the new box, and save a lot of time and hassle?

If you really like the road less traveled, here's some reading material for you:
As you can see, the process is quite involved, and once you start, you have a time limit where you have to have all steps completed within a certain timeframe.

pcsquared117Author Commented:
Kaffiend I appreciate the info and warning but I wouldn't have asked the question if I didn't have to.


This is a good idea and fits into my scenerio.

Thank you both for your prompt responses
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