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Posted on 2009-02-20
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We have configured a layer 2 vlan on our cisco catalyst switch. We assigned two ports to it. This is a poor man's dumb switch. Basically we want to make sure that no traffic can come into or out of those two ports except themselves. So portA can talk to portB and vice versa, but we don't want any other ports talking to them.

How should I set this up?
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I'm not really sure If I understand you correctly. What you can do is to apply MAC-address filter using Access-list (ACL). The ACL for MAC filter will be in the range between 700-799. For example, access-list 700 permit aaaa.bbbb.cccc 0000.0000.0000. Then apply the access-list for the incoming port which will only allow the MAC that you specify in the ACL, others should be blocked. As a result, only MAC from PortA can talk to PortB. Good luck with the setup :)

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I don't know the mac address. I do know it's IP address though. and we need to be able to change devices quickly so I'd rather not use mac address. Any other way?

basically the IPs are and


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Switching uses MAC-addresses (layer 2) and not IP addresses.
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we have layer 3 switches. we just happened to put these ports in layer 2 vlans. does this still apply to the mac address issue? I have created ACLs with IP addresses, I'm not doing it in a way that allows the traffic to flow properly.

I could put it on a layer 3 vlan, but i don't see the need.

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If you configured only two ports in a vlan, it is enough. Any other port in other vlan will not be able to "talk" with these two ports. You don't need any acls.
You can think at this vlan as a separate switch with only two ports.

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Depending on what switches you have you can use VLAN ACL (VACL) to filter IP traffic on a VLAN.


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like ionut said, there is nothing mroe to it.

as long as you dont apply an IP to the int vlan for that particular Vlan, it wont be routable. no ACL's needed.

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that's the confirmation I needed. We didn't apply an IP. I have heard that whitehats (hired hackers) can jump VLANs on a switch.

thanks everyone!

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