What kind of video card do I have in my computer?

I've tried Everest, PC WIzard, system information, and the device manager but the most specific information I can get is
ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
512 MB
How can I tell if it's a 4850, 4870, or 4830?

There must be something I'm overlooking.


Full specs below:

General Information :       
Manufacturer :      ATI Technologies Inc  (PC Partner Ltd)
Model :      ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Bus Type :      PCI-Express
Total Memory :      512 MB
Texture Memory :      1013 MB
Processor :      ATI Radeon Graphics Processor (0x9440)
Converter :      Internal DAC(400MHz)
Refresh Rate (min/max) :      56/75 Hz

 GPU Information :       
Number of GPU :      1
Codename :      RV770
Bus :      256-bit
HD Support :      Yes
Memory Type :      SDRAM
GPU Frequency :      750 MHz - [initial : 750 MHz]
Memory Frequency GPU :      900 MHz - [initial : 900 MHz]
DirectX Support :      10.1
Pixel Shader Version :      3.0

 GPU Configuration :       
Technology CrossFire :      No

 Video Bios Information :       
Date :      09/26/08
ID :      113-BA0701-X07
Catalyst :      8.573.0.0

 General Features :       
Width :      320 mm
Height :      240 mm
Pixel per inch :      96x96 dpi
bits per pixel :      32
Colour Bits/Planes :      1
Brushes :      4294967295
Pens :      4294967295
Markers :      0
Device Fonts :      0
Device Colours :      4294967295
Clip Output to Rectangle :      Yes
Hardware Acceleration :      Yes

 Blend and Shade Capabilities :       
GradientFill Rectangle :      No
GradientFill Traingle :      No
Per Pixel AlphaBlend :      Yes
Premultiplied Alpha :      No

 Raster Capabilities :       
Banding :      No
Transfer Bitmaps :      Yes
Bitmap >64 KB :      Yes
Fonts larger than 64 K :      Yes
DIBs :      Yes
DIBTODEV :      Yes
Flood Fills :      Yes
Scaling :      No
StretchBlt :      Yes
StretchDIB :      Yes

 Curves Capabilities :       
Chord Arcs :      Yes
Circles :      Yes
Elipses :      Yes
Interiors :      Yes
Pie Wedges :      Yes
Rounded Rectangles :      Yes
Styled Borders :      Yes
Wide Borders :      Yes
Wide, Styled Borders :      Yes

 Lines Capabilities :       
Interiors :      Yes
Markers :      Yes
Polylines :      Yes
Polymarkers :      Yes
Styled :      Yes
Wide :      Yes
Wide, Styled :      Yes

 Polygonal Capabilities :       
Interiors :      Yes
Alternate Fill Polygons :      Yes
Winding Fill Polygons :      Yes
Rectangles :      Yes
Scan Lines :      Yes
Styled Borders :      Yes
Wide Borders :      Yes
Wide, Styled Borders :      Yes

 Text Capabilities :       
Stroke Precision :      Yes
Stroke Clip Precision :      Yes
90° Character Rotation :      No
Any Angle Character Rotation :      No
Independent X-Y Scaling :      No
Double Weighted Characters :      No
Italic :      No
Underline :      Yes
Strikeout :      Yes
Raster Fonts :      Yes
Vector Fonts :      Yes

 Color Management Capabilities :       
CMYK :      No
Gamma Ramp :      Yes
ICM Device :      No

Field      Value
Device Properties      
Driver Description      ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Driver Date      1/13/2009
Driver Version      8.573.0.0
Driver Provider      ATI Technologies Inc.
INF File      oem10.inf
Hardware ID      PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9440&SUBSYS_E850174B&REV_00
Location Information      PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0
PCI Device      ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series [1002-9440] [NoDB]
Device Resources      
IRQ      16
Memory      000A0000-000BFFFF
Memory      C0000000-CFFFFFFF
Memory      D0200000-D020FFFF
Port      03B0-03BB
Port      03C0-03DF
Port      3000-30FF

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Run GPU-z to verify but judging from the clock speeds I'd bet it's a HD 4870.
This app will give you more detailed information on graphics card.
davidvagyokAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I'll try that.

To clarify, I'm not asking someone to go through all of the technical data here to compare it to the technical data of the 4850 vs 4870 vs 4830 to figure out which card I have by process of elimination.  I'd just like to know where/how I can view the type of video card installed.  How can I get this information *without* comparing technical data from the manufacturer's website?  Does ATI not offer any kind of identification at all more specific than "4800 series" anywhere on the machine?

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The video driver usually will, but its been a few years since I have used an ATI based video card. Have you installed the newest version of the ATI catalyst driver?
davidvagyokAuthor Commented:
There was an update to the driver today, and I haven't installed it yet.  Here's a screen of GPU-z and the device manager driver details.  
Surely somewhere on this computer the card identifies itself.....

is it not printed on the card ?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
jamietoner has it - the memory used is GDDR5 - that's only on the 4870 (both 4830 and 4850 use GDDR3)
Unfortunately the hardware GUID is just for the 48xx series so there will always be a bit of detective work for the submodels of a particular chipset.
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