How to convert an .exe file to one in .msi ? i need some correct answers .. with any software or something like that.. thank you

I just want to convert an .exe file to .msi    .. maybe for me is too hard but maybe for experts is easy dont know .. that's why i ask here.. [is a small file]  Thank you
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agsaptConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tried microsoft visual studio ? all you have to do is just create a new setup/deployment project. there it's simple.

about YM and ICQ, i'm not sure it's allowed to exchange those information here.

use microsoft studio to create a setup/deployment package. it's very simple

d3cr3pitorAuthor Commented:
is not there any Expert that could help me online ? ICQ , YM .. dont know .. please.. i just want to convert an  .exe  with about 90 kb in one file  .msi  .. Thank you.  ( if not just give me a Tool or something ) I can't find the correct way from the above websites
crokeefe28Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft used to give this for free under 2000 Advanced Server, but you can download it from here:


Will compile and create MSI's from anything (pretty much).  The tough part is that EXE's and MSI's are totally different and you just can't convert an EXE.  You need to put an MSI wrapper around the EXE.

Here are a bunch of other sites:
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