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Vlan configuration - definitions and how to do it

is there someplace that can explain vlan configuration, definitions and what they mean, as well as examples of vlan configurations on switches.  I think i have the general idea of vlan configuration but some clear cut definitions as well as several examples to look at would be very helpful
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VLAN is a virtual LAN , where u logically seperate the LAN in to diffrent dep with appropriate subnet
VLAN can communitate with each other via L3 device like layer 3 switch or Router.

vLAN's are pretty simple.     First thing you want to do is create the sub interface on you router.

Fa0/1.22       (the .22 I use the name of the vlan for the sub-interface)
encapsulation dot1Q 22
ip address   (your gateway ip is fine.  Its also dependent on your needs)

Now on your switch you want to set the vtp mode and vtp domain.  (These are for multiple switchs)

VTP Mode transparent   (Modes are server, transparent, client)
VTP Domain mynetwork
config t
vlan 22
name myvlan
ip address (management IP for switch)
int fa0/1
switchport access vlan 22

Now on the switch you also need to configure your trunk interface that connects to your router
int fa0/24
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk allowed vlan 22
switchport mode trunk

Thats pretty much all you need to configure a vLAN..  Its really simple.  
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