Ghost disc is overloaded.

My Dell Dimension 6300 has a RAID drive.  I am using Norton Ghost 10 for backup and it is on my main hard drive, C.  When I attempt to get into drive D which I believe is my RAID drive, I get a message that the drive is full.  Checking this out under properties, this is confirmed.  The Ghost software stopped functioning one month ago and gives a message that it's drive is full.  Does Ghost use RAID drive D, or does RAID automatically copy everything?  How can I resolve these two problems?  What can I do in the future to prevent them?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you had a RAID setup to mirror data, it would not show up as a separate D drive - there would be one drive and the mirror would happen behind the scenes.  You probably just have a second drive or partition and Ghost is backing up images to it.  You can set up Ghost to create images (backups) in any location you want.
clean out files from your D drive, so you get space.
you should NEVER let a disk become full - it can create lots of problems.
you should post more info - what RAID setup do you use?
and what is on the drive? if only ghost, you should be able to delete  backup files (i suppose you take full backup - not incremental)
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