D-Link DFL-210 Bandwidth Management and Prioritization

I have attempted to do bandwidth management and/or prioritization for VoIP traffic (very specific, not just generic SIP) on my network repeatedly with numerous firewalls. The expensive ones simply don't do it including Cisco ASA, SonicWall, etc. The cheaper solutions appear to have the granular management ability including the Linksys RV042/082 but when put into practice they work 50% at best meaning they do make it better, but still so bad that the connection is not usable when bandwidth is under heavy load. We are simply in need of a reasonably priced device that will actually allow VoIP traffic a very specific amount of bandwidth when required. We know our protocol (UDP), port number, IP, MAC address, etc. so any of these will work for us in specifying priority tagging. Just seeing if anyone has any good experience with the new D-Link DFL-210 in relation to bandwidth management specifically by protocol, port number, IP address, MAC, etc. Any feedback would be great directly related to the DFL-210 or any other $500 or less bandwidth managmenet enabled router that actually tests out successfully.
David RobertsAsked:
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nappy_dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
None that I am aware of.  Their main goal is the creation of firmware for wireless routers.  Also checkout www.openwrt.org.  I have not used their version in sometime now and don't know if they support the DLinks. check em out tho...
Take a look at http:/www.dd-wrt.com  This is a 3rd party firmware for routers.  Not sure if yours is listed but there is some support for VOIP with dd-wrt.
David RobertsAuthor Commented:
Does not appear that they support Dlink yet but very interesting information. They also seem to just be working with the residential style routers from Linksys. Any idea if they will support WRV200 or RV042/082 units anytime soon?
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