Thinkpad X61 CPU at 100% for 5 minutes after bootup


Think it first started when I first installed an image backup software on my X61 that comes with
an external USB disk.  I've deinstalled that software and it gives obviously better response
times but still have to wait about 5 minutes after bootup & login before the Task Manager
CPU comes down from 100% to less than 5%.

Attachment showed :
a) first screen is one process TSC which consumes about 20% or more
b) 2nd screen is one tvt_reg_monitor which consumes 10% or more
c) 3rd screen showed that "SYSTEM" will consume 50-80% of CPU till
     both the above processes in (a) & (b) are killed, then only the "System
     Idle" will return to healthy level (90% or more)

How should I go about fixing this?

Q2 :
someone told me there's  patch that I can install to lengthen the battery time
of Thinkpad X61 : any idea?

PCCillin AV is up-to-date on this Thinkpad X61

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Several things want to happen when you start up your computer:
1. Your A/V wants to do a startup scan. I disable this function.
2. IBM ThinkPads come with System Updater. It wants to look for new updates. I prevent this function from starting. Look for Lenovo Maintenance Manager and disable the startup. I use Windows Defender to do this.
3. If you use Access Connections, and if you have multiple profiles (I do), then use Location Switchiing to uncheck all but the 1 or 2 most used profiles. This means connecting manually to less frequently used profiles, but startup time is reduced.
4. I set Windows update to check for updates and notify but not download or install. This also reduces startup time.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Are the 2 processes, TSC  &  tvt_reg_monitor part of what you've
described, ie if I follow what's been suggested, would these two
processes go away during startup?

I've consistently been able to start up quickly if I used Task Manager,
Processes to stop these 2 processes (the CPU utilization felll within
2 secs from 100% to less than 5% when these 2 processes are killed
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
TVT_Reg_monitor is a Lenovo common file and is used by their programs. I have that process runnining and it does not affect startup and does not consume any resource. This is probably not the source of your problem.

I do not have a service TSC and I am not sure what is does. Do you have Client Security running? and do you have Restore and Recovery running?  I don't use these tools as I do not need them.
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