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Upgrade Tosh Laptop 75GB SATA HD to larger model with Ghost

I am trying to put a larger Hard Disk into my Laptop as I am running out of space.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 with Windows XP Prof with SP3 and has an 75GB SATA Drive.
I purchase a new 250GB SATA Drive.
As I need to clone the contents of my original drive I removed the 75GB Drive from the laptop and attaced both drive to my desktop PC which also runs Win XP Prof SP3.  
I have Ghost 2003 installed on this system and used the clone disk to disk feature to clone the existing drive to the new one.

The problem I have is the new drive will not boot when installed in the laptop.  It does not seem to recognise it as a bootable device.  The bios recognises the new drive but the machine just cycles through the boot devices past the HDD boot to the network boot.  

Does anyone know of a way to make the new drive bootable on the laptop?

2 Solutions
You need an usb enclosure to cave the new drive in, then connect to laptop and clone from there. After done, remove old drive, install new drive. If your system has no option to see usb external drive during ghost, you might have to clone the drive within windows (live).
austvaderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment Punky.
I spent may hrs researching this and would guess the above may work, but as I had already cloned the disk in my PC did not want to do it again.
I managed to find a solution:  The problem I believe when cloning drives on a seperate machine is the the cloned partition ends up getting a drive identification of say E: drive instead of C: drive in the boot section of its registry.  I found a neat program called savepart.  It does may things, most beyond me, but one feature is to change the partion drive designation.  Go to www.partition-saving.com.  Go to the manul and select section 11. f) Drive letter of partion to update.  I followed these instruction and changed designation of drive to C: before removing from my desktop PC and it booted first time when placed back into my Laptop.
I think I induced the problem when I removed my laptop drive and installed as a secondary drive in my desktop and running ghost to clone from here.  Ghost obviously does not make an exact image.
I believe the above solution on Punky would also work but the reason I did not do it this way was it was going to take 6 hours to clone the disk (using external USB connection)  instead of 1 hour in my PC (using SATA to SATA).

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