tftp server and juniper firewall boat loader update

Hi I will be updating the boatloader on a juniper firewall inorder to do that i will need to load the boatloader on the tftp server and then connect to the firewall and update the boat loader ( i have installed the boat loader winAgents TFTP server)  i know the steps that i need to follow to update the boat loader but i need assistance in using the tftp server ( i havenot used one before do i need to do any specific setting other than loading the file to the tftp server

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TFTP is a little easier to use than FTP but it has limitations.

Most bootloaders prefer TFTP as it requires minimal config.

Personally, I use 3CDaemon, which has a free TFTP server built in (as well as FTP, TFTP client and syslog server).

The main difference with TFTP is making sure that you put the required files within the TFTP root folder.  As TFTP is a cut down FTP, you need to know the exact location and exact name of the file you want, as no directory browsing or listing is possible.

So, as above, depending on the app you use to set up the TFTP server, will depend on how you set the folders up etc, but as long as a TFTP client can connect to the TFTP server and either put or get a file, then all is good.
I've not used that TFTP server before but I imagine that you'll either need to drop the file into the root of the folder or create a new virtual directory to point to the physical folder that contains the files you want to access

Okay; found something a little more useful:

Aside from ensuring that TFTP can be accessed through your host-based firewall (you do have a firewall on your PC I hope!) it should be pretty easy.  

If you have any problems be sure to post any messages you encounter.
If you are considering other TFTP servers I'd go for:
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
i use 3CDaemon to setup tftp server on my computer. its so easy to use that my coworkers routinely come to me and ask me to host firmware for other netwrk devices on my workstation.
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