Looking for an open source solution to build a community website

I'm looking to build an open source based social networking website. Looking for solution that is easy to implement and requires minimal coding.
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daleoranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For ease of use i would look into a content management system... there are many very good free ones out there like



or joomla..

I know that joomla has a social networking plugin that can be implemented also...
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I did a quick search for you, i didnt read too much into any of these though, but here are some links involving implementing social networking with joomla...



hm, another option would be to use ruby on rails and install the community engine for it.

Generally I used drupal for quite a while for a social network project now, starting with version 5. Version 5 was quite okay for it, drupal 6 and 7 is especially strong if you want to use some additional features like location based services or semantic web annotations or any RDF inclusions.

As far as I know Joomla has about the same features in that area, but I haven't used it, so I can't go into detail.

My observation on the whole web 2.0 business however shows that many of the now popular websites use ruby on rails as a backgroun or swiched (from affinity laps and twitter to the switch of xing and alike), since it is a very modern framework with a lot of nice features in it. For RoR there is the community engine which allows Social Networking.

RoR however has the following bitfall: It has a lot of nice and good features if you are allowed to start over, however, the way ORM mapping and a like is build in the framework makes it somewhat strange if you have to use legacy code (at least I think to).....

hope that helped,
cheers, jörg
phalguni_mookhopadhayayAuthor Commented:
I checked boonex and found it most appropriate for my needs. Thanks for your help.
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