Sequence diagram. What would this look like?


I am trying to learn what a sequence diagram would look like. Let say I would like to do this on a tennisgame or something like that:

Use Cases:           Report Results
Preconditions:       the operator with "Administrator" is logged on
Normal Flow:          1. The use case starts when adm choose to report a machresultat.
                               2. Adm enter the match number.
                               3. The system displays the players' names.
                               4. Adm enter the result.
                               5. The system puts the winner in the match.
Alternative Flows:  At 2. Both players must be completed, but not the result, otherwise
                                ending the use case with a error from adm.
                                At 4. If the result is not properly terminated the usecase with a
                               error from the system.
                              At 5. If it is the finale, no new game play, but the winner shall be printed.

What would it look like? Is there some exaples I can look at or could you show me?

I am gonna do it in ms visio.
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DarrenSenior Software EngineerCommented:

A sequence (interaction) diagram will show how each of your objects communicate with eachother in order to finish some specific task. It will show processes / methods and flow of messages between objects.

In order to create your sequence diagram you will have to define your participants. These are the objects involved in a particular task.

The Use Case above cannot really be used directly to translate into a sequence diagram. You have to break your design into the various components / classes in order to create a sequence diagram properly.

I've attached just a quick diagram of how one might look.

Let me know how you get on.


Bob LearnedCommented:
I used to use UML a lot in my previous job, but I have the same documentation requirement.  I don't find sequence diagrams to be very useful, but I do know how to do them.

Hopefully, you can get some information like this:

UML 2 Sequence Diagrams
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