Web Interface 4.6 Autolaunch desktop from Thomas Kötzing

I`m testing a thin client from HP named T5540.
This runs Windows CE6 and got AddOn ICA (10.13 build 110) and AddOn Internet Explorer (6.0 build 6)

We are using the Autolaunch for Web Interface 4.6 mod, and it works perfectly on thin clients T5500 T5510 T5520 T5530 from HP.
It works sometimes on the T5540 too, but not always like the rest of the models.

The problem is that it`s not always working on the T5540 even if I close the browser window.
When a user logs in on WI, the desktop is not autolauching.
And sometimes a window appears and hangs saying "File Download; getting file from ...etc"

I have tried to install an older Ica AddOn (10.08 build 103) which works on the other models, so I`m suspecting the web browser is the problem.
I can`t find another web browser that works on windows CE6, and the T5540 don`t support Windows CE5.

Anyone with the same problems or got a soulution for me?
Or could point me to a place where I can find a web browser that works on Windows Ce6 thin clients?

Thanks in advance
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LazyeyesAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention that I already have added the WI site to the trusted sites.
You may want to check the Zone settings on the browser and add the WI site to the trusted sites.
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