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How do I know what to set my internal default gateway to, How do i find it out?

In a related question, I was informed that properly setting my default
gateway would solve my issues. Well, I am having troubles with this. I
have a dual-homed NIC. The external one is set with the default
gateway that my ISP provided me. I have my internal card set like thus
so far:

Default Gateway: ???


I wasn't sure if the internal side should have the ISP's DNS
information or not. Also I don't have any hardware between my server
and the ISP's provided modem. I have tried using the ISP's provided
subnet on the internal side, but that provides lots of errors. I can
access the internet currently from my server, but the clients cannot.
The client can connect to the server, recieve IPs within the 10.19.0.x
scope. The clients can do network printing and file sharing. All I
need to do is to get the internet access. I was also pointed toward
DNS forwarding. In server 2k8 is there a default forwarding that I
should set up. Is forwarding required?

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2 Solutions
Do you have a comp thats connected and can access the internet?

If so goto a command line and type in ipconfig/all

default gateway will be listed there.
Dragonfyre2825Author Commented:
A quick CORRECTION: The device between my server and the outside world is the Comcast Business Gateway. The outside drop (cable) comes in and goes to Comcast's Gateway, then a cable to the patch panel, and  then directly to the server.

Dirtpatch ~ The server has an internet connection, but none of the clients can access the outside world.
Ifi am understanding your configuration correctly,, you should use the same default gateway as your server.
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Dragonfyre2825Author Commented:
Ok, I just tried that. I got 2 warnings:

1. That the default gateway (internal) is not on the same subnet as the the ip adress. The provided external default gateway by Comcast is 173.9.226.x - which is similar to the ip address.

2. I received a warning pertaining to multiple gateways and redundancy.

I clicked through the warnings, but the clients still do not have Internet access.

Is it absolutely necessary to have an Internal gateway?
Dragonfyre2825Author Commented:
I also doing some pings: I can ping from one client to another. I can ping the clients from the server. I can ping the internal ip of the server from the clients, but I cannot ping the external ip address of the server from the clients. I get a "Destination host unreachable" message. Don't know if this is any help in the solution.
ok , use the ip addy for the server as the default gateway ...

sorry for the trial and error, but networking is a weak point for me, especially if i cant see the setup.
Dragonfyre2825Author Commented:
Ok. I gave that a try. I set the internal default gateway to internal ip address of the server. I got the following warning:

Waring - Multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network (such as an intranet or the Internet). They will not function properly when the gateways are on two separate, disjoint networks (such as one on your intranet and one on the Internet).

I also tried setting the internal gateway to the external static ip of the server. Same deal with the added warning that the ip and gateway were not on the same subnet mask.
If you need clients to connect through the dual homed server to internet enable internet connection sharing on the nic connected to the internet. You need to reset your ip address again on your server internal network to your 10.19.0 without gateway network  and on the clients add your server ip to them as default gateway.

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