joomla extension


I have make a site for me...

I installed joomla...

I need to upload images and videos so others can see it.

1.What is the best extension /plugin for this?

2.How to install this?

3.I need a good template for mysite.It is for my own purpose...I installed joomla 1.5
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fearialtogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lots of free templates are available here

I recommend expose for multimedia including video and photos of the galleries below.



Download the zip file to your computer.
Log in to your Joomla site and go to the extensions menu
Choose install/uninstall
browse for the zip file on your computer and choose upload file and install
You will get a message to say install was successful.

Thats it. The gallery will appear in the Components menu where you can set it up. Follow the instructions there.
For a good template: I had always used free templates but in my last site I opted for a premium one from Joomlashack (template name: Aqualite Noir) and I am very satisfied of it, especially it has a really cool drop down menu and the template works very well. The only downside, it is not free.

They have other templates, here see them all

I can recommend this because I have personally tested it; I would not dare to recommend you other templates I've no knowledge of.

striker46Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Forgot saying, JoomlaShack also has free joomla templates. If they're similar quality to their premium ones, then they must be a good choice too.
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striker46Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Morfeoshow is also a very good choice for photo gallery. Unfortunately it cannot deal with videos.
coolguy2009Author Commented:
Ok thanks...I am downloading it...I will let u know any questions...
coolguy2009Author Commented:
I installed expose...It only shows sample videos and images..

How to add my photos and videos...
Make sure you install the component as well as the mod. This one com_Expose4.6.3

After it is installed Expose will appear on the components menu. There you can make categories upload your photos etc.
coolguy2009Author Commented:
ExposePrive          Enabled         4.6.2        11/11/2007          Josh, Bruno, Steinthor            Not compatible...

Also i attached the system check info...

The legacy is enabled....

I am installed joomla 1.5 and expose 4.6.2
Expose system check
This scripts tests many of the basic requirements for the Expose component to run on your hosts system. It's not a catch all, but it does check most settings that the gallery requires.
If any of these tests fail with a Warning, the Expose gallery could run on your server. Sometimes little changes in the settings need to be done.
When any test fails with a Fatal Warning, the Expose gallery will not run on your host without changing the server configuration files, which usually, only your host can do. A possible solution at warning or fail of the test is provided at this time.
If the component, after a successful report, still doesn't function, we suggest to search the forum at for a fix.
Please, before posting a new topic on the forum, also check the manual for installation, backup, configuration, security, troubleshooting and lots of other information. Get the latest version now at
System Settings
Overview of the server configuration
Setting	Value	FrontEnd	BackEnd
PHP built On	Linux catwoman #1 SMP Thu Oct 9 15:42:59 PDT 2008 x86_64	Pass	Pass
PHP Version	5.2.6	Pass	Pass
WebServer to PHP interface	cgi-fcgi	Warning	Warning
   Ò Recommended 'apache2handler' interface.
Disabled functions	none	Pass	Pass
Joomla Settings
Compairing Joomla recommended with actual settings
Setting	Value	FrontEnd	BackEnd
Register Globals Emulation	enabled	Warning	Warning
   Ò For security reasons, disable RG_EMULATION in Joomla global configuration.
Register Globals Emulation is `ON` by default for backward compatibility.
Register Globals	disabled	Pass	Pass
Magic Quotes	enabled	Warning	Warning
   Ò Should be enabled for Joomla in php.ini, but not used in Expose.
Safe Mode	disabled	Pass	Pass
File Uploads	enabled	Pass	Pass
Session auto start	disabled	Pass	Pass
File & Path Permissions
Checking file and path permissions of important Expose items
Setting	Value	FrontEnd	BackEnd
/xml path:
  <joomla_root>/components/com_expose/expose/xml/	writable	Pass	Pass
/img path:
  <joomla_root>/components/com_expose/expose/img/	writable	Pass	Pass
Session Save path:
  /tmp	writable	Pass	Pass
Password file attributes
  <joomla_root>/components/com_expose/expose/amfphp/extra/	writable	Pass	Pass
Configuration file attributes:
  <joomla_root>/components/com_expose/expose/config/config.xml	writable	Pass	Pass
Manager Settings file attributes:
  <joomla_root>/components/com_expose/expose/manager/amfphp/extra/config.xml	writable	Pass	Pass
Hash file attributes:
  <joomla_root>/components/com_expose/expose/manager/expose.md5	not writable	Pass	Pass
Free Disk Space
  Warning: value is TOTAL disk space, shared hosting is limited by account settings!	2915664Mb	Pass	Pass
Library activations (php.ini)
Checking available and activated libraries on server
Setting	Value	FrontEnd	BackEnd
DOM or DOMXML extention (test 1)	installed	Pass	Pass
DOM or DOMXML extention (test 2)	installed	Pass	Pass
GD extention	installed	Pass	Pass
JPG Support	enabled	Pass	Pass
FreeType Support	enabled	Pass	Pass
Expose Settings
Checking some important settings for the Expose component itselve
Setting	Value	FrontEnd	BackEnd
Version	4.6.2	Warning	Warning
   Ò Be sure to verify for the latest release
Creation Date	11/11/2007		
Exec()	enabled	Pass	Pass
Session Cookies	enabled	Pass	Pass
Allow Url Fopen	enabled	Pass	Pass
Max Upload filesize	8Mb	Pass	Pass
Installation Hash Check
Comparing file hashes against original Expose installation.
WARNING	/home/akiles/	File is corrupted or has been altered
WARNING	/home/akiles/	File is corrupted or has been altered
WARNING	/home/akiles/	File is corrupted or has been altered
MISSING	/home/akiles/	File is missing
MISSING	/home/akiles/	File is missing
MISSING	/home/akiles/	File is missing
MISSING	/home/akiles/	File is missing
Final Status Report
If this is the first check after installation, you'll need to verify some files. Some MD5 calculations didn't match with our original installation. If this is just a random check, all altered files should be in the list. Special notice should be taken on unexpected files.
Your PHP configuration flagged 3 warning(s). The FRONTEND gallery may lose some functionality. Check manual for details.
Your PHP configuration flagged 3 warning(s). The BACKEND gallery may lose some functionality. Check manual for details.
Enjoy the gallery,
the GTEK dev team.

Open in new window

Go to your menu and hit new. You will see expose in the list click this and give it a name alias etc. Make sure that published radio button is is checked. Hit save.

Expose should now be available from the menu on your website.

BTW it will still work with the warnings above (these are normal)
coolguy2009Author Commented:
YEs it is working...But the problem is i am not able to add new photos or videos...
Can you log in to Exposé's album manager?
coolguy2009Author Commented:
Yes..But not able to see the add options...

Under the Description box hit the Create Collection button and enter a name. Then Hit the create album and enter a name. Once this is done the upload buttons become available.
coolguy2009Author Commented:
Sorry i will get back to u later...
coolguy2009Author Commented:
Please see the snap shot...

Also see the first attachment i dont have the user login screen in the front end....

Please advice...
coolguy2009Author Commented:
Go to joomla extension on the joomla website , you will found a component for uploading a image and videos
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