How do I solve submission indexing problems in google WebMaster?

I submit My site to Google Webmaster for indexing. I am recieving the below results but unfortunatley No files are indexed. I don't know why. Please Could you help? I need clear answers Please?

Property Status
Sitemap type Web
Format Sitemap
Submitted Feb 20, 2009
Last downloaded by Google 21 hours ago
Status OK
Total URLs in Sitemap 12
Indexed URLs in Sitemap Help   No data available. Please check back soon.

How to solve the above: "Indexed URLs in Sitemap Help   No data available. Please check back soon"
Uptil now my site is not indexed, but it was accepted thru the sitemap.

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to see if you site is indexed.

Hello ,

The most common misunderstanding of the Google Sitemaps program is, that a successful download of a sitemap leads to instant indexing. Although exactly that happens with Web sites in good standing, in many cases a sitemap submission alone will not result in (more) indexed Web pages. To understand why Google doesn't owe sitemap submitters unverified instant listings (of possible bulk junk), please read these quotes from the Google Sitemaps Homepage:

...Google Sitemaps is an experiment in web crawling. By using Sitemaps to inform and direct our crawlers, we hope to expand our coverage of the web and speed up the discovery and addition of pages to our index...
...A Sitemap provides an additional view into your site (just as your home page and HTML site map do). This program does not replace our normal methods of crawling the web...
...A Sitemap simply gives Google additional information that we may not otherwise discover...
...This is a beta program, so we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if your URLs will be crawled or added to our index. Over time, we expect both coverage and time-to-index to improve as we refine our processes and better understand webmasters' needs... [cited 2005-12-19]

It helps to refine your expectations back to the reality outlined above. A Google Sitemap is not a free ticket to the search index. Every URL submitted via XML sitemap has to pass the same quality checks as every URL found in links on the Web. All URLs Google knows about are treated equally.

The Google Sitemaps program is based on a revolutionary concept (for a major search engine), but didn't yet unfold its pioneering approach completely. However, it has helped many many Web sites to gain greatly improved search engine visibility. It is a good idea to provide Google with sitemaps, but don't rely on your sitemaps alone, because such a single-edge approach will not work.

My site took 30-45 days to get indexed.
Submitting a sitemap is probably the slowest way of getting your site indexed.

Simply visiting with Google toolbar installed would be quicker.

Opening an account at SumbleUpon and bookmarking, or posting a link on Craigslist would be even quicker.
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just take one of your pages submit it to digg and within hours it will index.
nabilhammoudAuthor Commented:
OK. But How exactly I can submit thru Digg?
open a free digg account
go to top right where it says Submit New
and submit your page/article,...

you are good to go.
nabilhammoudAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have done that. I digged my site and made search digg. it was working properly, in search digg but not in Google serach.
I tried to search in google but didn't Work.
take your whole title and put in phrase " " and search in google.give it few hours for google to find it first.
i use this free tool with firefox

you can have all kind of info under your thumb
nabilhammoudAuthor Commented:
Thanks for ALL
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