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I have a default folder in Outlook 2007 and one dedicated to GMAIL (IMAP). I want to set rules on the IMAP folders as:

GMAIL->Inbox copy to Personal Folder->Inbox
GMAIL->Sent Items (IMAP folder) copy to Personal Folder->Sent Items
Also, mark the mail in GMAIL->Inbox as read but not in Personal Folder->Inbox

Can I do this using Outlook 2007?
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Hello infa007,

You can create a rule to move email from Gmail Inbox to Personal Folders Inbox.

You can also create another rule to move email from Gmail Sent folder to Personal Folders Sent Items folder.

If you move the message, copy will not appear in Gmail folder, so you do not need to worry if it shows read or not.

Hope this helps!
infa007Author Commented:
I have figured out how to do the Inbox but I wasn't able to do for Sent Items, since Gmail's Sent Items is an IMAP folder. There is no way I could find to setup a rule on it.,
In Outlook 2007, sent mail automatically go into Sent Items folder of Personal Folders.
i have a similar problem, just recently migrated to outlook 2007. Everything is ready, but email to my IMAP is not processed via the rules i configured. So it stays in the imap folder.

But if i do it manually from the rules window, then they are moved, any clue to what can be?
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