misspelled email adresses

i have 1 server , windows 2008 and exchange 2007
i am struggeling with creating a solution so that the misspelled mail adresses before the ....@domainname.nl
go in to a mailbox called "misspelled-adres", ik have tried to create a filter on the hub transport but that does nort work, end there is no edge server becouse there is only one server. and you cannot have edge and hub on the same server, as far as i understud, Can someone help.
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This is a bad idea. It will be nothing but a spam and virus trap. Whatever solution you do means that every email address is valid on your domain. It is much more efficient to use recipient filtering so that the sender knows immediately the email address is wrong.
Otherwise you will simply be wading through 100s of messages that you don't want.
I have a client who drops 10,000 messages a day sent to invalid recipients. Imagine the bandwidth that would use if they were allowed to be delivered.


If you do not have an Edge Transport server there is no way you can create a catch-all mailbox. A Hub Transport server will reject all email before it applies any Transport Rules.

The only way you can do this is to install an Edge Transport server and use Edge Transport rules for this. The Edge Transport server must be on a separate server which is located outside the domain. If you don't have an Edge, you can't create a catch all account.

bastouwAuthor Commented:
Ok thats realy unfortunate, Is the no other way,  for instance , not use smtp for inbound mail, but use a 3eparty pop3 client  (also not included anymore in 2007) who can do the filtering and then send it to a special mailbox??, does anyone no such a program??
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