T30 ThinkPad constantly accessing HD

I have a ThinkPad T30 at work that I had to install a new HD and OS with XP Pro.  My problem is when it sits idle every 15 to 30 seconds there is a HD access light and I can tell something is getting written to the drive even though nothing should be.  I downloaded the MS process monitor and can see the Writes but not sure how to run this down from this point.
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Ok.. Change your Power Scheme to Portable?laptop in the control panel. That would turn off your hard disk after 30 mins of idle time. If you want to edit the time setting for turn off HDD, you can always do that manually and set it to 10 mins or so.

The HD access could well be a antivirus real time protection/scan, any scheduler operating in the background or any process that is set to use CPU when the laptop is in idle mode. If it does not have any performance implications, chances are that it is a legitimate process that is running in the background. However you can always track the processes running in the background using process explorer which is a freeware tool.

Download process explorer: http://www.filehippo.com/download_process_explorer/

Lookout for any processes that you have not installed. Chances are, if  your OS came pre-loaded, there might be back up and monitoring applications running in the back ground, programmed to run when CPU is most idle so as to help you recover/restore your OS in case of a corruption/infection.  
GetRdoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you... A very simple answer to the question and it works.  Must be something in the ThinkPad hardware that constantly access the drive.  I still wonder why exactly this is happenning but this works so I am off to solve other higher issues here.. Thank Again
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