Scale HTML page to fit Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX Control

I am trying to display a stored HTML page in my MS Access  2003 database using a Web Browser Control (ActiveX).

The page does NOT scale to the physical dimensions of the Web Browser Control, like a jpeg image will scale to fit an ImageFrame control.

I do not see any settings on the property sheet of the Web Browser Control to specify the size of the linked to HTML page.  

Can this not be controlled?

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Then this appears to be an issue with the Web page (or HTML) itself.
The webBrowser control has very little control over this.

See here:,M1

Also, please remember that there are real human limits here.
If your webbrowser control is 1 inch square, no mater what you do, most web pages will not be readable.

There is the ability of the page to "Squeeze" itself (by using frames) to fit itself into the available screen real estate and keep its same size.
There is also the ability of certain web browsers to adjust the font size to make more text fit on the screen.
Finally, IE7 has the ability to "Zoom" in on a web page.

None of these things can be controlled by the web browser control.
The web browser control is just designed to "View" a target document, in it's most basic sense.

If you need more control than the net web browser has, then perhaps you should just open an instance if IE Directly.
Or, just using something like this:
    Application.FollowHyperlink ""

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Does this Stored HTMP page scale to fit in Internet Explorer?
JohnGalt22Author Commented:

It will center itself horizontally in the IE window, but unless IE is open to full screen the page does not fit vertically.
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