Anyone know which of these MAC addresses belong to an iPhone?

Right now I have the following on my home LAN:

vlan1      00:14:F1:__:__:__      98.xx.yy.zz            
br0        00:0F:1F:__:__:__      192.168.x.1
br0        00:0A:95:__:__:__      192.168.x.2
eth1      00:16:CB:__:__:__      192.168.x.3      

I know 00:14:F1: is the router and 00:0F:1F is my Dell PC. I looked on line and was only able to find both are from Apple computer corp. Is there a way to determine which of the other 2 is a Mac and which is an iPhone? (yes, besides actually looking at the devices)
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JohnGerhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By the way would it not be easier to have a look on the iPhone and get its IP / MAC?
  • Settings
  • General
  • About
For IP
  • Setting
  • Wirless
  • Blue arrow pointing right on the Wifi network you are connected to
Is the 192.168.x.x IP addresses given out by DHCP? If so check the DHCP database at C:\WINDOWS\System32\dhcp

Then do a search for the 00:0a:95 & the other one. You will be able to find the MAC & the name of the Apple device.

johngerityAuthor Commented:
There's no Windows server - DHCP is in the router, which is where I got the MAC addresses from.

And as I said, i looked up  00:0A:95 and 00:16:CB and could only find that both are Apple corporation NICs.
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From the Mac address, it looks like your router is a Linksys. If you can find the DHCP table on the router it should tell you which device is which.

On my Linksys WRT300N, for instance, this information is found at: Status:Local Network: DHCP Client Talble.
Yes, once you get to the DHCP table you will find more than you need to know.
johngerityAuthor Commented:
What would the DHCP table have other than mac addresses?

eth1 cannot be the iPhone as the iPhone doesnt have any wired ports.. So 00:16 can't be the iPhone
That leaves 192.168.x.2 being the apple device..
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
I'm guessing you've an unwanted iPhone user .. that is why you're trying to work out which MAC address to BLOCK??  Am I right?
I believe the DHCP table on the Linksys router shows both wireless and wired devices, even thought it is shown under the Local Network Tab.
You can check for sure by going it the LInksys settings to

      Wireless: Wireless MAC Filter

and use it to block one of the MAC address and see which device stops functioning.

You can also enable and check the router logs under

   Administration: Log

It will have the name of the devide, the IP, & the MAC, lease times, etc.
johngerityAuthor Commented:
Well, for the record, both the Apple MAC addresses were his desktop computer (iMac), and he always keeps his iPhone's WiFi off.

Also, for anyone is googling this, the REAL answer can be found on the following website: 

I appreciate all the help and insight, and it saved me a trip to the GeekSquad. Thanks all!
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