UIScrollBar - change speed/add delay

Is there any way to take the default UIScrollBar and give it a little delay when you scroll down, kind of like an ease out....maybe the good way to explain is you pull down on the scrollbar & then slightly after the text will follow down and then easeOut
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Eaddy BarnesITCommented:
we cant influence the script that runs the built in component directly.

for an effect like the one your talking about.

you may need to build a custom scroll bar yourself.

here is a link to what i think is what your talking about.

AbyssmalAuthor Commented:
yeah thats exactly what i'm talking about, i'm not very good with AS though...any idea on a tutorial or something of that sort?
Eaddy BarnesITCommented:
i have not had any luck finding a tutorial for you as yet.
with some luck i will find one soon or one the Experts here
will give you what you request.

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