Php script and File Usergroup Problem


  I've just moved one of my servers but after the move i started to have file ovner problems with my centos 5.2 installation.

  When i create or upload a file it sets user group as  "usern:psacln" however with that user setting my script can not create files and folders for users uploads. When i change user group to user:nobody scipt can upload the files to these folders. But in each newly registered user a new folder is created and i have to manually change the file owner manually.

 How can i solve that problem completely? i heard smth about phpsuexec, can it solve my problem? if yes how can i solve that?

 centos 5.2 plesk 9.0

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jolly_jokerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i have found out its a phpsafe mode problem. After turning off the safe mode, usergroup permission problem soved.

when you moved your server, why user:nobody is not the userid and group id of the owner? can you change the user group to nobody? this can be done by usermod command
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