gmail: forwarding an entire conversation

I know how to forward an email

but how can I forward an entire conversion

forward means send to another recipient
conversation is all the emails sent between a recipient with the same subject title
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello jerseyguy0,

Select Forward All in the right side bar

Hope this helps!
b0lsc0ttConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
That option is in Gmail.  What view do you have?  Do the messages appear in the Inbox and grouped as a thread?  In a test I did the option worked as you want.
We might need to review your settings too but I am not aware of one that turns this On/Off.
I have posted 3 images below to help.  The first shows what a thread should look like.  If you don't see the list of senders and a number in parentheses then that is most likely the problem; Gmail isn't putting your messages in a thread.
The second shows where the Forward All option is when you view a thread.
The third image shows where you can modify the type of View for Gmail.  What browser are you using (and version)?  That might contribute to this.
Let us know what you find or if you have a question.  The answer the expert gave is the correct one.  We just have to see how we can get it working for you. :)

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